How to use this site:

There are five primary source sets created by the Georgia Historical Society hosted on this site. Each has a PDF teacher guide with historical background, a bibliography of the primary sources, and suggested activities and projects aligned to CCGPS. Each primary source set is divided by  the  8th grade Georgia Studies GPS standards and 3 or more primary sources are given for each standard. Use the links under the thumbnails to download a PDF of the image or be taken to the digital archive that hosts the source. For each standard you will also find suggested informational and literary texts and links to useful websites. Be sure to check the bottom of each page as there are often multiple pages for each standard.

On the resources page you will find several useful handouts and presentations created for the workshops and materials made by participating teachers. The teacher-made activities are presented in a blog format. Use the navigational tools at the bottom of the right-hand toolbar to browse the materials by category and standard.

If you have an excellent lesson plan or activity using primary sources you would like to submit to the site please email Sophia Sineath, ssineath@georgiahistory.com.

How to learn more about the Georgia Historical Society:

Georgia Historical Society (GHS) is the premier independent statewide institution responsible for collecting, examining, and teaching Georgia history.  GHS houses the oldest and most distinguished collection of materials related exclusively to Georgia history in the nation. Please visit our website at www.georgiahistory.com

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