SS8H1 – Native American cultures and European exploration in Georgia

Primary Sources

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Account of Francisco Chicorana, a captured native who accompanied Lucas Vasquez Ayllon as his servant, as told by Peter Martyr D’Anghera in De Orbe Novo.
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Sketch of the Etowah mound site from  Etowah Papers: Exploration of the Etowah site in Georgia. Rare Collection, Courtesy of the Georgia Historical Society
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Map of Spanish Missions in Georgia Illustration by Willis Physioc.Illustration in The Spanish missions of Georgia by John Tate Landing, 1935. Rare Book Collection,Courtesy of the Georgia Historical Society. Download PDF

Diego Ribero’s 1529 World Map also called the Propaganda Map. Diego Ribero was in charge of updating the world map based on recent Spanish explorations. This detail shows the attempted Spanish settlement in Georgia by De Allyon. Library of Congress Map Division.
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